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"Yahweh will enter into judgment with the elders of His people." -- Isa. 3:14


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Professor Charshee McIntyre


Jews and the Early Slave Trade


The Continuity of the International Slave Trade and Slave System


By Charshee McIntyre (1990)


The late Charshee McIntyre, Ph.D., was an associate professor of humanities in the English Language Studies Program at the State University of New York at Old Westbury.


{NOTE: This document includes my occasional comments, where I feel comment is necessary, especially where the Bible is concerned.  Charshee McIntyre was a Black woman, who took on the forbidden subject of the Jews and slavery.   My comments will be in braces {} and in italics.  Also, all highlighting of the text is provided by myself to draw attention to important facts.  – Pastor Eli James}


An Overview—First of Two Parts


More institutional continuity between ancient and modern slavery existed than generally has been suggested. While some scholars recognize that American slavery had much in common with that of the Greek and Roman classical form, many scholars prefer to accept the rumor of chattel slavery's disappearance during Europe's Middle Ages. This acceptance tends to preclude any theory of direct influence and linkages. However, the evidence of continuity remains. This paper offers a brief overview of the connections between the slave system and slave trade of the Old World and that of the so-called New World by highlighting the role of Jews in this oppressive commercial enterprise and social system.


The continual expulsion of Jews from different nations throughout Europe and the Mediterranean arena forced this religious group to develop particular skills that these same hostile nations at various times wanted and needed. The individual European nations' intermittent expulsion of Jews caused them to live in many countries, to adopt many "national" identities and names, and to be able to speak many languages. They represent probably the first truly international people, establishing residences in many different countries and interlinking and interlocking with relatives and co-religionists throughout the world.


{It is very important to understand that the Jews have always been an international people, having no homeland of their own.  Rather, the Jews have always been resident aliens in other nations, who have never assimilated into those nations.  Instead, the Jews have always deliberately maintained their international business connections with each other in order to monopolize international trade.  The Jews have always controlled international trade, as this gives them the advantage of knowing the best markets for their goods.  All other ethnic groups have historically limited themselves to mainly local commerce.  When such local merchants chose to export products, the Jews already had the monopoly on the export/import trade.  Thus, as middlemen for international trade, the Jews would make money simply on shipping and receiving.  There is no doubt that the Jews, as an ethnic group, still hold this monopoly of trade today. - Eli}

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